I started out not knowing a “dropout” from a “headset”, and even though I always carried a spare tube in my backpack, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fix a flat while I was on the road.

David showed me how to do it and gave me the “hands on” experience I required to give me the confidence I needed.

– Mary

Dave and I have been friends for a long time. I’ve always known he was Bicycle Repairman, but didn’t really understand what that meant until I decided to upgrade my vintage 1983 Trek. Dave guided me through the process of finding new(er) components, and then we spent several evenings basically taking it down to the frame, spreading the rear fork to go from a 6-speed to a 9-speed cassette, and replacing just about everything except the handlebars, seat and brakes. I had no idea how many parts, specialized tools, and adjustments went into a properly functioning bicycle, but in the end that is what I came away with, as well as new appreciation for Dave’s knowledge, skill, and patience.

– Steve

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  1. Regina Oetting

    I needed to work on my bicycle. It had a few things that needed to be done before riding it again. I had an accident on this bike and it had been awhile since I took a class on repairs. A friend recommended David to me. He was very helpful in showing me what I needed to do when working on my bike. We started by looking at the bike and determining what parts I needed to purchase. Once I got the parts we started making repairs. My bike works great! David is a great guy and very smart about bikes. He is able to help you learn how to repair your bike in great ways!

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